The 1999 Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta


Bill and Heidi's Excellent Adventure

Please click on a description to see the photos ... images are all in JPEG format, from 80 to 140 KB.


The ViewSonic monitor led the way for the 5:30 AM launch of the Dawn Patrol (one image).


The Flying Purple People Eater menaced many a fiesta attendee (two images).


Skyrunner ... we don't really know what else to say (three images).


One cow, and friends (three images).


The Frog Who Was A Prince (four images).


How about some ... balloons ? (five images.)


White elephant (one image).


Rubber ducky, you're the one ... (two images).


Boynton balloons!!! (five images.)


Nail ... in my tire ... (two images).


Jesus was a balloon(ist). Here is proof (two images).


New Mexico, Land Of Ristras and Margaritas (four images).


Ohhhhhh Canadaaaaa ... (two images).


We STILL don't know what this is ... (one image).


A Bear, Mrs. Butterworth, and Warsteiner Beer ... It just doesn't get any better than this (two images).


Feeling sheepish? These balloonists were (one image).


Ahhhh! The giant Japanese squid are attacking! (one tentacled image).


Piggy bank (two images).


Nearing the end, we have ... more balloons! (eight images).


Drifting away at the end of the day ... (one final image).


Your hosts ...

Suvas, Heidi, Stephen, Sung, and Bill (cleverly hidden behind the camera).