The 1999 Lake Nokomis Milk Carton Boat Race

Starring ...

Nessie and the Sea Monsters!

Seen here in their usual organized state.

Nessie In The News!
(Click on the line above to see our picture from the Pioneer Press newspaper).

Have to get registered ...

Getting the pieces ready.

Say, we better make sure this thing will float ...

From head to tail ...

... top-notch construction techniques were used at all times.

No gathering of Americans would be complete without the basic food groups ...

... or, something from Star Wars.

(and yes, there WAS someone in a Darth Maul outfit there. Also someone in a Jar Jar Binks outfit. I assume they drew straws to see who had to play Jar Jar.)

Some of the other boats were quite creative.

Time to start your engines!

Lining up for the big event ...

... and with a sound from the bullhorn, they're off!

(You can't see it here, but that Star Wars pod racer boat is on the left.)

Edging out the football field boat for second place.

And yes, we kicked Jar Jar's butt.


Design, conception, construction, saving milk cartons, and staying up late making costumes
Brenda Everitt and Russ Durkee
Selfless helpers and irreplacable assistants
Sara, Heidi, Randy, and Karland
Structural skeptic and lame web page designer