Photos from Bill's trip to England and Scotland in July of 2001

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Heidi and Kiboko hanging out before I left for England.

London Bridge from the side opposite The Tower of London.

London Bridge from below.

The Tower of London seen from the London Bridge walkways.

Jane and Chuck in Trafalgar Square.

Looking down the Thames; the tall structure at right is the London Eye.

Big Ben as seen from a gondola atop the London Eye.

A gondola on the London Eye.

More London skyline from the London Eye.

Now in Scotland; looking across Nigg Bay toward Nigg.

Nigg Old Church and cemetary.

A portion of the cemetary.

The gravestone of William Humphrey of Bayfield, died July 26, 1866.

Soldiers from World War I buried at the Old Nigg Church cemetary.

More of the cemetary and church.

The "Hill o' Stanes" near Wick, Scotland; dozens of stones arranged in a field for hundreds of years, nobody knows why.

A mostly obscured crumbling castle near Wick, lost in the fog and drizzle.

Stone cliffs next to the crumbling castle.

Paul standing atop one section of the crumbling castle.

Overlooking a small town and bay on Orkney island, off the north shore of Scotland.

More of Orkney island.

An excavated stone house from Skara Brae, a 4000 year old ancient settlement on Orkney.

People visiting the Skara Brae site.

A circle of tall stones on Orkney island. Similar in concept to Stonehenge, these stones are not a large.

A waterfall near Inverness. Salmon often are seen jumping up these falls (although not by us on this trip).

A close-up of the waterfall.

Paul and Cheri viewing the waterfall.

Urquhart castle on the shores of Loch Ness. No monster in sight in this photo. They are doing all kind of construction to build a visitor center, fix up parts of the ruins, etc. It honestly does not really help.

Dad posing in front of Loch Ness at Urquhart castle.