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In 1999, the team built the original "Nessie" ...

... and now in 2004, they've created "Nessie's Revenge":

It's bigger, happer and greener ... it's a marvel of milk-carton boat engineering ... and it's got killer nostrils!

“NESSIE’S REVENGE” is a 3-platform boat made from over 1500 milk cartons. She contains a mixture of Skim, 1%, 2%, and Buttermilk half gallon cartons, as well as a number of YO-J and juice cartons. Smaller quart and pint size milk and cream cartons were used for jaw and tail embellishment.

A smaller, two-platform version of the Nessie Milk Carton Boat was the boat first raced in the 1999 Milk Carton Boat Races, which were held at Lake Nokomis. Since then, she has grown another loop and is back in 2004 for revenge!